Are Poppers Legal In Singapore?

Are poppers legal in this super strict country that we live in – Singapore. This is something we get asked very often here at The legality of poppers in Singapore has always been questioned, and discussions have been kept hush-hush. We see news articles with headlines like BANNED sex drugs and HSA reports claiming that a certain popper product has been blacklisted due to it containing Amyl Nitrite in its contents. Well, we plan to put the age old debate to rest right now.

So.. are they legal?

“Poppers are NOT legal.”

Poppers are a recreational high. Taking a whiff gives an euphoria unlike any other. It is quick to set your heart pumping and the rush cannot be described in words (maybe only by sounds!). The contents of many of these poppers however, are prescription only.

Poppers contain Nitrites, and these are very real medicinal drugs that are still being used for heart attack patients till this day. Amyl nitrite/IsoButyl/Butyl Nitrites are all heart medicines and rightfully fall under the purview of medicines. Using/Owning such products without a prescription is a definite NO. You are not allowed to own these, let along take a whiff of it without a certified doctor’s prescription.

The exception though are IsoPropyl Nitrite Poppers. 

“So.. Isopropyl Nitrite poppers are legal in Singapore?”

IsoPropyl Nitrite poppers are currently OK. They are perfectly fine to own and possess because they are currently in the grey area of the law. It is neither listed as a medicine, nor has it been highlighted as a poison – yet).


Know that any substance abuse in Singapore is illegal. What this means is that if you even take a whiff/smell/sniff of poppers, you are now engaging in illegal activity. DO NOT DO IT!

“So.. Isopropyl Nitrite poppers are illegal after all!”

They are NOT illegal however if you use IsoPropyl Nitrite Poppers for something other than inhaling/sniffing. For example – CLEANING!

Apparently, there are commercial/industrial/cleaning applications for poppers as well. In fact. Poppers make excellent cleaners! Here we have attached an article written by Vice, to show you just how useful poppers can be when it comes to cleaning. – Turns Out Poppers Are Good for Things Besides Butt Sex

Owning a bottle of poppers at home for the sake of polishing your rice cooker or crock pot is hardly an illegal activity. If your popper contains Isopropyl Nitrite, you are in the clear.

In Summary, Poppers ARE ILLEGAL AND LEGAL at the same time.

Poppers should NEVER be abused. Do not purchase poppers for the sake of inhaling them or odorizing the room (which in our opinion is still inhaling them). Poppers should ONLY be used for domestic cleaning purposes. For shiny stainless steel products, to whiter sneakers, use poppers the legal way in Singapore and you will find yourself much happier, safer and well, cleaner!




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