Are Poppers Legal In Singapore?

are poppers legal in singapore

Are Poppers Legal In Singapore?

Are poppers legal in this super strict country that we live in – Singapore. This is something we get asked very often here at The legality of poppers in Singapore has always been questioned, and discussions have been kept hush-hush. We see news articles with headlines like BANNED sex drugs and HSA reports claiming that a certain popper product has been blacklisted due to it containing Amyl Nitrite in its contents. Well, we plan to put the age old debate to rest right now.

So.. are they legal?

“Poppers are ‘NOT’ legal.”

Back in the day, poppers that contained Amyl Nitrite were once regarded as a recreational high. The Amyl Nitrite content in these poppers were in fact a prescription only medicine, with the sole purpose of treating certain heart conditions. Amyl Nitrite was prescribed solely as a medicine, and rightfully fall under the purview of the county’s law and statutes under medicines and drugs. Inhaling such products without a prescription is a definite NO. You are not allowed to own these NOR perform the act of inhaling it without a valid doctors prescription.

What About Pentyl/Iso Butyl/Isopropyl Nitrite Poppers? 

“So.. are these poppers legal in Singapore!?”

Poppers that contain Pentyl/IsoButyl/Isopropyl Nitrite are unclassified. They are neither listed as a medicine, nor has it been highlighted as a poison – yet). These blends are fine to have in your possession with the exception of Amyl nitrite that  falls under the Singapore poisons act stated here


Owning them is all fine and good BUT, know that the act of inhaling it is illegal as this constitutes as substance abuse. What this means is that if you even take a whiff/smell/sniff of poppers, you are now engaging in illegal activity. DO NOT DO IT!

“So.. poppers are illegal after all!”

They are NOT illegal however if you use said poppers for something other than inhaling/sniffing. For example – Cleaning. These very capable solvent cleaners have their places in commercial/industrial/cleaning applications. In fact. they are excellent cleaners that can put a real, deep shine to your leather jackets! Here we have attached an article written by Vice, to show you just how useful poppers can be when it comes to cleaning. – Turns Out Poppers Are Good for Things Besides Butt Sex

Owning a bottle of poppers at home for the sake of polishing your rice cooker or crock pot is hardly an illegal activity. If your bottle of rush does not contain Amyl Nitrite AND you do not inhale it in any way or form, you are using it right.

In Summary, how you use your bottles of poppers matter.

Poppers should NEVER be abused. Do not purchase poppers for the sake of inhaling them. Poppers should ONLY be used for leather/solvent cleaning purposes. From your kinky leather costumes to removing pen stains from your sofa, for sticker removals and whiter sneakers, use poppers the legal way in Singapore and you will find yourself much happier, safer and well, cleaner! SGPoppers does not condone the use of Poppers for inhaling/odorizing. Poppers sold on our site are STRICTLY to be used as leather/solvent cleaners.